Joost's last wish explained on OFM

Joost's last wish explained on OFM

A prolonged legal battle over who will inherit the asset of the late Springbok legend Joost van der Westhuizen has finally come to an end.

Ferdinand Hartzenberg and Van der Westhuizen’s brother, Pieter, approached the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to have a will Joost drew up in 2015 declared his last wish.

The Master of the High Court initially rejected the will as it was not signed by Joost but by Hartzenberg in the representative authority and as Commissioner of Oath.

Amor Vittone argued that her husband’s last wishes were contained in a will they jointly drew up in August 2009.

In Vittone’s responding affidavit, she claimed that Van der Westhuizen could sign the testament if he wanted to.

“He couldn’t use his hands or hold a pen. I signed on behalf of him and also signed as Commissioner of Oath and we argued that it was within the law and the court agreed,” explains Hartzenberg.

When asked what Vittone will inherit, Harrtzenberg said, in terms of the 2015 testament – a few small assets.

“The J9 Trust of which the two children are the beneficiaries will inherit all the funds then the trustees will ensure that the children are taking care of out of the funds of the trust.”

Vittone could not be reached for comment on Monday afternoon.

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